5 Crystals You Need In 2023

2023 is upon us! Can you believe it?! Most of us are still recovering from the global pandemic that hit us mid-2020 and trying to figure out what "normal" looks like again. Returning to work, school, social outings, and family get-togethers can still feel overwhelming and foreign to a lot of us who isolated for years... We took the time to hand-select five crystals that everyone needs this new year with photos, descriptions, placement suggestions, and product listings. Intentions are set on stability, anti-stress/anxiety, strengthening relationships, growth, and success.

If you don't already have these stones, 2023 is the perfect time to add them to your collection! If you already own some of them, consider moving them to the front of your collection & prioritizing intentional work with them this year.

1. Botswana Agate: balance + creativity

This stone is all about balance and strengthening your creative mind. Botswana Agate releases extremely soothing, mother-like energy into your environment. Meditating with--or simply holding--this crystal can immensely help in balancing overwhelming emotions and returning to homeostasis. Botswana Agate is also uniquely powerful when it comes to creativity. If you are struggling with "artist's block" while returning back to work or simply having difficulty getting out of a rut, this stone can help lift you up and enhance your creative thinking to get back on your feet. 

Placement suggestions: 

  • Nightstand, workplace, pockets, dinner table

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2. Obsidian: protection

Obsidian is a popular choice for anyone looking to enhance protection - and for a good reason! This stone assists in blocking negativity in all forms. This includes protection from: other people (toxic or abusive loved ones), negative entities, karmic ties, and negative thoughts/behaviors within yourself. Obsidian, contrary to popular belief, is not technically a crystal (read more about commonly mislabeled crystals here). It is volcanic glass or igneous rock that occurs from the intense cooling process of lava. Although Obsidian does not have a crystalline structure, its healing properties are no less powerful. Think about the intense strength, power, and force that this stone comes when being formed near volcanoes.

Placement suggestions: 

  • Windowsills, doorways, mirrors, on your person (pockets/purses/bras)

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3. Ametrine: anti-stress + prosperity

Ametrine is a rare combination of Amethyst and Citrine crystals, which you can see from the beautiful mixture of purple and yellow colors. This stone is truly the perfect recipe for success with Amethyst's anti-stress properties and Citrine's strength in success. An amazing property of this stone is its ability to release energy that passes through it in a way so it never needs to be cleansed (i.e., via smoke cleansing or Selenite). This makes Ametrine an ideal choice in daily-wear jewelry or in areas where you aren't able to cleanse, like in your work office. This crystal is the perfect stone to work with intentionally throughout 2023--setting your intentions for calmness and prosperity to be granted in the new year.

Placement suggestions: 

  • Worn as jewelry (bracelet or necklace), in your workspace/desk, any place that money is kept (wallet, purse, safe)

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4. Kambaba Jasper: grounding

Kambaba Jasper is one of the most grounding stones, in my opinion. It is extremely connected to the Earth's energy, assisting in creating stability of the mind, body, and spirit. This stone releases the energy that all of us need in high-emotion or overwhelming situations. This could be work-, relational-, familial-, or school-related stress. This stone can be especially beneficial for a lot of us while recovering from holiday get-togethers, purchasing gifts, and returning to our normal "9-5" grind. Look to Kambaba Jasper to ground you during this time and balance your stressors.

Placement suggestions: 

  • Bedroom, where you get ready (vanity, bathroom), pockets

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5. Satin Spar Gypsum: cleanse & renew

If there was one stone symbolic of the new year, it is Satin Spar Gypsum (commonly known as Selenite--read more about that misconception here). Satin Spar is the crystal for cleansing, refreshing energy, and starting anew. This stone provides the ability of cleansing all energetic bodies, including other crystals, people, or your environment. Negative or unwanted energy can "build up" which can result in a decreased mood, "bad luck" (so to speak), or negative thoughts/behaviors. If you don't already own Satin Spar, we highly suggest adding it to your collection this year. If you do own it, make it a priority to cleanse your other stones, your space, and yourself with it regularly. Cleansing is the perfect way to start fresh in the beginning of a year and welcome positive energy into your life for the next 12 months.

Placement suggestions: 

  • With other crystals, in the middle of any room, doorways, windowsills, in bed

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