Crystal Spotlight: Amethyst

Amethyst isĀ a total classic when it comes to crystal healing. Whether you are an advanced crystal healer, a newbie to collecting stones, or someone who just thinks they make pretty decor, I'd be willing to bet you have some Amethyst in your collection. Some people in the crystal community like to talk about how overdone these classics can be, but it's for a good reason! This Quartz variation is not only gorgeous with its deep royal purple coloring, but it holds intense healing energy as well.

Amethyst promotes love of the divine, selflessness, spiritual wisdom, purifies the aura, coming to terms with loss/death, and aides in balancing emotional highs and name a few. Amethyst crystals are known to calm the mind and ease nerves, reducing overwhelming stress and internal battles which allow you to think clearly and act intentionally. It's name originates in Greek and roughly translates to mean "not drunk" - which is why this precious stone is known to assist in overcoming addiction and recovery from substance abuse. One of my personal favorite uses for healing with Amethyst is decreasing anxiety and promoting more peaceful sleep. The intensely calming energy this stone holds makes it a perfect candidate to work with when you're feeling overwhelmingly anxious or stressed. It being associated with the Third Eye Chakra, I tend to place the stone on my forehead and do breathing exercises while visualizing the stone absorbing all of my anxious thoughts and replacing them with peace of mind. Sleeping with Amethyst in or near your bed is a perfect way to implement this stone into your practice, as it is known to provide a deeper sleep, protect against dark spirits and nightmares, aide in dream recall, and helps you feel overall more recharged when you wake up in the morning. Once Amethyst has done it's work overnight, Citrine is next in line to give you a big energy boost to start your day! We will talk more about Citrine in future posts.

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