Crystal Spotlight: Larimar

Larimar is one of the world's rarest crystals, with it's only known location being in a very small region of the Dominican Republic. Also known as the Atlantis Stone, this blue variation of Pectolite can cost a pretty penny, since there is a limited supply to be found in Mother Earth. It may be hard to come by, but it is easily recognizable by it's unique coloration of a blue and white mesmerizing pattern. Gazing into your Larimar stone can be somewhat hypnotizing, in a beautifully calming and meditative way. Larimar has profound calming energy. It is said to lower stress and anxiety, balance emotions, and regulate your nervous system, creating intense balance within your life. Every crystal lover and metaphysical healer needs Larimar in their collection - there is truly nothing comparable to this deeply soothing gem.

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