6 Crystals You Need In 2022

Happy New Year! It has been a wild ride since the pandemic hit almost two years ago. We have put together this list of a few of the essential crystals going into 2022 to hope to regain some normalcy and embark on a brand new adventure into the New Year.

1. Carnelian for Confidence

 Many of us are beginning to go back to work and into the social scene for the first time since the original quarantine. It can be really scary going into the office, first dates, or meeting new people for the first time after so much isolation. Carnelian carries insanely powerful energy targeted toward self-confidence and courage. Carrying or wearing a Carnelian stone into any anxiety provoking environment is sure to give you the boost of assurance you need to perform at your best. Whether it's an intimidating boss, coworker, or feeling timid in a new social situation or date, Carnelian has your back and will help you feel on top of the world.

2. Bumblebee Jasper for Motivation

A lot of us spent the last (almost) 2 years laying in bed, working from home on our couch, and not leaving the house many days in a row. It can be really hard to jump back into a routine of waking up early, going to school or work, and trying to maintain self-care like eating well, hygiene, and exercise. It feels like a lot, and near impossible at times. We have all been there. Grab yourself some Bumblebee Jasper for that extra boost of motivation to get going each day. Meditating with this stone first thing in the morning or before entering a high-stress situation is especially beneficial to get the most out of it's healing properties. Jewelry with Bumblebee Jasper is a perfect option for daily wear to work or school. Bumblebee Jasper is equally as stunning as it is powerful, and you can trust to fall back on this stone for a boost of energy whenever you may need it.

3. Fluorite for Protection

While we highly encourage everyone to continue practicing social distancing, maintaining a small circle, and ensuring you and anyone around you is vaccinated, we also understand that many people are beginning to welcome friends and family into their homes for the first time since quarantine. Physical health aside, this can be very stressful to have different energies in your home after so many months of isolation, especially for empaths. When someone enters your physical space, their energy (whether good or bad) radiates in the environment and is absorbed in anything, even any other people that are around. It's important to protect your energy and your environment spiritually during this shift in space, which is where Rainbow Fluorite comes in. Rainbow Fluorite is a three-in-one crystal - and extremely powerful. It carries three very strong energies that usually aren't found in the same crystal together: Protection, Spiritual Enlightenment, and Love. Fluorite of any kind holds very protective qualities, but Rainbow Fluorite is a personal favorite. Place this crystal on your body (in your pockets or as jewelry) or in and around your home for overall protection. Placing protective stones in doorways helps to protect from any negative energies entering. Couple this with Clear Quartz to provide a cleansing of energy as soon as someone walks through the door. Remember to always cleanse your space after someone new has been there. You can cleanse with smoke (incense or herb bundles), crystals, or salt.

4. Pink Zebra Jasper for Anti-Anxiety/Stress

With the end and beginning of a calendar year, there is bound to be stressors involved. Trying to "make up for" any regrets from the previous year with New Years Resolutions, resurfacing feelings of loss or abandonment, or anxiety from the action-packed last few holiday months can be extremely overwhelming, understandably. Pink Zebra Jasper is an extremely soothing stone, embodying calming, nurturing, and anxiety-reducing qualities. Reach for this stone when feeling unbalanced in your emotional body and wear as jewelry when going into new or stressful situations. Keeping this stone close in potentially anxiety inducing environments, such as a job interview, is a perfect option because it gives you both the anti-stress and calming energies you need to perform at your highest level. Look to Pink Zebra Jasper to aide in balancing emotions and giving you a boost of confidence, creativity, and joy.

5. Citrine for Success

Hoping for and working toward success at the beginning of a New Year is potentially the most common resolution for most people. If you're looking for a crystal to aide in helping you achieve your highest goals, attain success and prosperity, look no further than Citrine. Citrine crystals carry the power of the Sun: they promote high energy and creativity. This crystal absorbs, transmutes, and clears negative energy, so it never needs to be cleansed and even has the power to cleanse other stones placed nearby. Citrine attracts abundance, success, happiness, and reverses self-destructive behavior. Keep Citrine on a desk or anywhere you regularly do work to promote energies of abundance to flow freely to you. As always, crystals will not bring anything into your life alone. You must work with a crystal to "tell it what you want." Citrine will work with you to make your wildest dreams come true in family, career, or anything you may want to succeed in.

6. Grape Agate for Grounding

 We all just went through not only a bizarre couple of years, but extremely high energy last few months with back-to-back holidays, celebrations, and wrapping up the end of the year. The New Year is always exciting and fun, but it can easily be very overwhelming when all the festivities are over. It marks a time for many of us to go back to school, meeting new standards at work, and reminiscing on anxiety-inducing memories of the past year that's now behind us. It is essential to remember to maintain self-care during this time. Grape Agate is a perfect choice to help you remain grounded, stabilize high emotions, while simultaneously promoting very nurturing qualities to ease stressors. Keep Grape Agate close during these next several weeks while we embark on new beginnings and meditate with this stone to gain the most out of this gorgeous crystal's healing properties.

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Brandy Fitzwalter

I definitely do need 2, 4, and 6. In fact I need a ton of Bumblebee Jasper. I have ordered from your site about 3 or 4 times, and I’ve never been disappointed. I need more artwork for my walls. Just keep up the good work.

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