Blue-Pink Aura Quartz

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Handmade Blue & Pink Aura Quartz necklace on 20 inch chain. Each necklace has 2 raw Blue-Pink Aura Quartz crystals. Please allow for natural variation, each crystal necklace is unique.

Aura Quartz stones promote creativity, self-expression, and protection. Meditate with this crystal to promote a deep and peaceful meditation. The crystal activates the throat chakra - wear this necklace to promote effective communication.

Chakras: Crown & Throat

Cleanse your crystal by laying it on Selenite, charging it in sunlight or moonlight, or with sage/incense/candlelight.

Please Note: Crystals and wire wraps may vary in size, length, and style. Images shown are to provide examples, but each crystal necklace is unique.