Pink Zebra Jasper + Hematite

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Beaded bracelet with high quality 8mm Pink Zebra Jasper beads on an elastic band, featuring 4mm Hematite beads and a protective Buddha head. 

Pink Zebra Jasper is an extremely soothing stone. It embodies calming, nurturing, and anxiety reducing qualities. Reach for this stone when feeling unbalanced in your emotional body and wear this bracelet when going into new or stressful situations. Wearing this bracelet in potentially anxiety inducing environments, such as a job interview, is a perfect option because it gives you both the anti-stress and calming energies you need to perform at your highest level. Especially since this bracelet is paired with Hematite (see properties below), there is an added layer of protection from negative energy other people may try to send your way. Look to Pink Zebra Jasper to aide in balancing emotions and giving you a boost of confidence, creativity, and joy.

Hematite embodies manifestation in a physical form - it attracts your dreams to you like a magnet. This stone also carries powerful protective properties, blocking out negativity from interfering with your spiritual alignment that may be inhibiting your manifestation journeys and spiritual growth into a higher consciousness. 

Cleanse this bracelet by laying it on Selenite, charging it in the sunlight or moonlight, or with sage/incense/candlelight.

Please Note: Crystals may vary in size, length, and style. Images shown are to provide examples, but each item is unique.