Carnelian + Apatite

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Listing for ONE beaded bracelet with high quality 6mm Carnelian and Blue Apatite beads, with golden Hematite spacers, on an elastic band.

Our unique “split bracelets” are the perfect way to blend & mix healing properties for daily wear without having tons of jewelry on. Carnelian and Apatite are the perfect combination for anyone wanting to increase their confidence.

Carnelian is a stabilizing stone with very powerful energy: This stone is known to bring the mind back down to the physical reality and gives those who work with it an intense boost of confidence, motivation, and energy. Carnelian will work with you to ground you, stabilize your emotions and thoughts, and catapult you towards your dreams and aspirations.

Apatite is known for its profound abilities to balance all energy bodies - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - while promoting a boost of confidence and easing the mind of frustrations. Being connected to the Throat Chakra, Apatite assists in clearing communication anxiety and allows you to speak freely from your heart. 

Hematite embodies manifestation in a physical form - it attracts your dreams to you like a magnet. This stone also carries powerful protective properties, blocking out negativity from interfering with your spiritual alignment that may be inhibiting your manifestation journeys and spiritual growth into a higher consciousness. 

Cleanse this bracelet by laying it on Selenite, charging it in the sunlight or moonlight, or with sage/incense/candlelight. Avoid prolonged sun or water exposure, as colors may fade.