Dipped Tourmaline Pendant

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Genuine Black TourmalineĀ pendant with a faux gold dip. Approximately 1"-1.5" long, butĀ please allow for slight natural variation in size and shape. Chain not included.Ā 

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Black Tourmaline is immensely powerful in banishing all negativity. This includes negative thoughts, negative spirits, and physical negativity, like radiation. This crystal is known to promote a peaceful and stress-free mindset/environment - an essential for all empaths and people sensitive to the energies around them! Black tourmaline can protect your home by being placed in entrances (doors, windows, etc), and personal protection from negativity of all kinds when worn around the neck. Be sure to cleanse this stone frequently to remove all unwanted energy buildup!

Cleanse this bracelet by laying it on Selenite, charging it in the sunlight or moonlight, or with sage/incense/candlelight. Avoid prolonged sun or water exposure, or colors may fade.