“Grounding” Crystal Set

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Set of 4 crystals intuitively chosen for you. The crystals included in this set are (from left to right): Carnelian, Septarian, Red Tiger’s Eye, and Jasper.

Carnelian is a stabilizing stone with very powerful energy: This stone is known to bring the mind back down to the physical reality and gives those who work with it an intense boost of confidence, motivation, and energy. Carnelian will work with you to ground you, stabilize your emotions and thoughts, and catapult you towards your dreams and aspirations.

Septarian carries very unique energy and will loyally work with you when meditated with on an intention. This stone is very grounding - it stabilizes emotions and mood swings, releases unwanted negative thoughts, and promotes a high self-esteem, giving you the tools you need to be the best version of yourself. Septarian is known to be beneficial for dissolving stress and anxiety, feeling lethargic, depression, and even nightmares.

Red Tigers Eye carries the same healing energy as traditional Tiger's Eye, but with a boost of energy and confidence. Tiger's Eye stones are known for both their grounding and protective qualities - it is said that they carry both the energies of the sun and the night (represented in it's gold bands), which promote a stable mind and internal peace, while simultaneously assisting in feeling motivated and determined to reach for your wildest dreams.

Jasper is extremely connected to the Earth’s healing energy and will create balance in your life: It is known for it’s profound grounding properties, ability to cleanse and protect your aura, and promotes stability in both your mental and physical worlds. Jasper will take your mind out of the clouds to stabilize your thoughts and emotions to prevent external distractions or obstacles.

The images are provided to show examples of what you may receive in your set, but each stone is completely unique! Please allow for natural variation in size, shape, or color.

Cleanse your crystals with smoke cleansing (like incense or herb bundles), in the sunlight, moonlight, or place it on a cleansing stone like Selenite for natural absorption of negative energies. 🌙