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Listing for ONE beaded bracelet with high-quality 6mm Hemimorphite beads on an elastic band.

Hemimorphite is the perfect stone for anyone who is subjected to negative environments or people, as well as those in need of health support*. Wear your Hemimorphite bracelet when you go into environments that drain your energy (like toxic family dynamics, friendships, counseling, work, etc.). This stone will help you de-stress and let go of the responsibility to entertain toxic/negative people. Hemimorphite is also said to assist in the overall health* of your mind and body - giving you the extra boost you need during a healing journey.

*This is not intended to be medical advice. If you are suffering from health concerns, please contact a medical provider for professional support. Crystal healing should not replace healing that is provided by doctors or mental health professionals. 

Cleanse this bracelet by laying it on Selenite, charging it in the sunlight or moonlight, or with sage/incense/candlelight. Avoid prolonged sun or water exposure, as colors may fade.