Larimar + Fire & Ice Quartz

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Listing for ONE beaded bracelet with genuine Larimar (12-16mm) and Fire & Ice Quartz (8mm) on an elastic band.

Standard: approx 7.25 inches / Extra: approx 8 inches

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Fire and Ice Quartz (or Crackle Quartz) is genuine Clear Quartz that is rapidly heated up and cooled down to create the icy effect. Clear Quartz is the Master Healer and amplifies the healing properties of any other stone it is near, while simultaneously having the ability to cleanse other crystals.

Larimar is among the world's rarest stones. It is only in one small location of the Dominican Republic and is said to lower stress and anxiety, balance emotions, and regulate your nervous system, creating intense balance within your life. Every crystal lover and metaphysical healer needs Larimar in their collection - there is truly nothing comparable to this deeply soothing gem.

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