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Add-on listing to make your orderĀ into a "meal".

What does this mean, you ask? When you "make it a meal" you get THREE mystery tumbles at a discounted rate with your order.

While you are free to let us know if you're interested in specific tumbles, we cannot guarantee that these requests will be granted due to inventory factors. If you want to ask for a specific stone, please do so inĀ order notes NOT through email or social media DM.

This is intended as an ADD-ON in ADDITION TO your current order. This is NOT a stand-alone listing. Every (1) orderĀ qualifies for (1) "make it a meal" add-on. Orders that ONLY purchase this listingĀ will not be fulfilled or refunded. This can only be used for 1 order every 24 hours. E.g., if you place an order at 2pm and "make it a meal", and then place a second order at 6pm and "make it a meal",Ā the second "make it a meal" add-on will not be fulfilled or refunded.Ā 

Please only add this listing to ONE order every 24 hours to avoid any issues.

"Make it a meal" is simply a fun way to name this listing. No food or otherwise edible items are included or shipped in packages (just crystals!)

This item does not qualify for refund, return, or exchange unless severely damaged in transit.