Rainbow Moonstone Tower

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Listing for 1 high-quality White Labradorite* (commonly known as Rainbow Moonstone*) tower.

Each tower is approximately 4-6 inches tall. Please allow for natural variation.

White Labradorite is a goddess stone and known for its properties in abundance of all forms - fertility, prosperity, growth, and love. It shares similar properties to regular Labradorite, but with divine feminine energy qualities. Labradorite in any form is an extremely powerful stone and should be used in spiritual practices by only those familiar with working with crystals. These stones promote higher consciousness, psychic abilities, and protection against evil energy. White Labradorite is a good choice for anyone looking to bring more love and peace into their life as well.

*This stone is commonly known in the crystal community as Rainbow Moonstone, however, it is in the Labradorite family! Listed as Rainbow Moonstone for easier navigation/understanding for customers who know it by the trade name Moonstone.

*Keep crystal spheres out of direct sunlight and cover with a cloth when left unattended - crystal spheres can often act as a magnifying glass and pose the risk of sparking a fire inside your home.

Cleanse this stone by laying it on Selenite, charging it in moonlight, or with sage/incense/candlelight. Avoid prolonged sun or water exposure, or colors may fade.

Click here for more information on how to cleanse