Satin Spar Knives

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Listing for ONE Satin Spar knife of your selected style.

This item is not made, sold, or intended for the purposes performed by culinary knives (i.e., cutting, slicing, or cooking). This product is purely for decorative and collecting purposes.

Style #1: Approx. 11 inchesĀ 

Style #2: Approx. 10 inches

Style #3, Large: Approx. 10-11 inches

Style #3, Regular: Approx. 8-9 inches

Satin SparĀ is a master crystal - it has the ability of cleansing other stones, as well as purifying your aura and space. Place your other crystals on/near your selenite to cleanse it of negative energy and keep it in your household for immediate protection and purification of unwanted energies.Ā 

*Satin Spar is a very soft mineral - minor scratches, fractures, or chips is normal and to be expected. Please handle with care and review our refund policy on damaged items.