Smokey Quartz Sphere

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Listing for 1 high-quality Smokey Quartz sphere*. One sphere stand included.

YOU GET WHAT YOU SEE! You choose exactly which crystal you want by choosing the number correlated with the images provided. All items are priced based on weight combined with value per gram of the stone. Please scroll down past this description to see detailed images of each available piece and select to your liking.

Smokey Quartz crystals are one of the most effective stones in grounding and cleansing, it has an incredibly strong connection to the earth. It aides in protection, alleviates stress, negativity, or suicidal thoughts. Sleep with your Smokey Quartz under your pillow to protect against nightmares and psychic attack. 

*Keep crystal spheres out of direct sunlight and cover with a cloth when left unattended - crystal spheres can often act as a magnifying glass and pose the risk of sparking a fire inside your home.

Cleanse this stone by laying it on Selenite, charging it in moonlight, or with sage/incense/candlelight. Avoid prolonged sun or water exposure, or colors may fade.