“Stress Relief” Crystal Set

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Set of 4 crystals intuitively chosen for you. The crystals included in this set are (from left to right): Ocean Jasper, Grey Banded Agate, Amethyst, and Apatite.

Ocean Jasper carries very nurturing energy - it encourages you to love yourself and others unconditionally, accept and release unresolved emotional conflicts, and assists you in having a newfound perspective on life - through the lens of love, beauty, and calm. 

Grey Banded Agate releases trauma, resentment, soul ties, and stress related to the past - both in this life and previous ones. This stone carries extremely calming energy - it first releases, then it soothes. Meditate with this stone on your Third Eye Chakra and allow it to absorb all stress from your body and ease your mind. 

Amethyst promotes love of the divine, selflessness, spiritual wisdom, purifies the aura, assists in overcoming addiction and coming to terms with loss/death, and aides in balancing emotional highs and lows. Amethyst crystals are known to calm the mind and ease nerves, reducing overwhelming stress and internal battles which allow you to think clearly and act intentionally.

Apatite is known for its profound abilities to balance all energy bodies - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - while promoting a boost of confidence and easing the mind of frustrations. Being connected to the Throat Chakra, Apatite assists in clearing communication anxiety and allows you to speak freely from your heart. 

The images are provided to show examples of what you may receive in your set, but each stone is completely unique! Please allow for natural variation in size, shape, or color.

Cleanse your crystals with smoke cleansing (like incense or herb bundles), in the sunlight, moonlight, or place it on a cleansing stone like Selenite for natural absorption of negative energies. 🌙